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We are a virtual platform providing services for Slovak companies (both suppliers and consultancies) and experts willing and able to participate in the development business. The programme aims to push the private sector to "do well by doing good" in emerging markets and make them prepared to face all the challenges.
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Companies with no prior experience in the development business should understand its specifics and benefits. To carry out projects funded by development institutions excellently, the support is usually needed especially in these areas:

  • Clarifying information about the development business
  • Identifying specific niche in the development market
  • Finding relevant opportunities and partners
  • Helping to choose finances to participate in tenders
  • Preparing competitive bids
  • Advising on contractual / financing issues
  • Project management support

The platform facilitates business sector engagement with the European Union's development support mechanisms as well as with development institutions (IFI - international financial institutions and IGO - intergovernmental organizations, such as European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the World Bank Group). The support provided to the companies, NGOs and/or other institutions aims to lower barriers to entry into the development marketplace by helping companies navigate through complex procurement systems, tendering and project management process. Furthermore, the platform aims to enable the environment for Slovak private companies to contribute to Slovakia’s international development cooperation.

The Rozvojmajstri services is branded under four meisters that are specialized in various project phases and activities.

The Rozvojmajstri programme is implemented by a consultancy company, Aspiro, a.s. with support of the UNDP and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (and Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic in the past).

Miroslav Kucera

Project Director

Tomáš Kadlic

Procurement Manager

Miroslava Duplinská

Marketing Manager

Mikuláš Štubňa

Communications and
Engagement Officer


Brings project opportunities and connects with relevant people from the development institutions.

Dvermajster helps Slovak companies to shape and prepare their projects. It opens the door to new opportunities and enables companies to match with relevant bodies within the development business. Finding suitable project opportunities and liaising with relevant people from the development institutions is a crucial step to become successful.

Supports in preparing bids - creative writing, bidding strategy and tender obligations fulfillment.

Tendermajster helps Slovak companies to successfully participate in a tender. It provides support in finding a niche, in preparing bids including creative writing and advise on bidding strategy and in fulfilling tender obligations. Thanks to knowledge of procurement policies of development institutions, companies will be able to get an edge over the competition.

Advises on how to obtain project finance, grants, guarantees or how to split project payments.

The services under Fondmajster cover the phase of project preparation and project fine-tuning, when companies are supported with advise how to obtain project finance, grants, guarantees or how to split project payments. Knowing internal rules of development institutions might save time or speed up the project cash-flows during implementation.

Provides project management services (templates, reporting) during project implementation stage.

Projektmajster refers to the stage of project implementation, when companies inexperienced in the system of development institutions network can be supported by project management services. These range from providing templates and project reporting to interim management services. The project deliverables will contain added value clearly visible for project´s beneficiaries.


Brings project opportunities and connects with relevant people from the development institutions.

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Supports in preparing bids - creative writing, bidding strategy and tender obligations fulfillment.

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Advises on how to obtain project finance, grants, guarantees or how to split project payments.

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Provides project management services (templates, reporting) during project implementation stage.

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Business community referrals

Our collaboration with Rozvojmastri team started in 2018. We have noticed their activities in development business sector and have participated in various events and meetings organized by RM because we were interested in business opportunities outside our standard region.

At the beginning we were worried and respectful of the conditions and environments unknown to us. That is why we were also hesitating whether we would really engage in interesting projects. RM helped us to assess possible benefits and risks and thanks to their help and the impression we had of meetings and events organized within RM activities we decided to take advantage of the current opportunity where we participated in the tender process and won the contract with UNDP to develop the functional specification of information system for the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs in Montenegro. The contract value was $ 29,000 and the project lasted 4 months.

Although we had to learn new rules and respond to unexpected events, we eventually managed it without major problems. It was thanks to the help of RM, who were always willing to help, advise or explain the rules required by IFIs. We can confirm that they are always able to help by knowing the environment and the rules and they try to support the realized projects to become successful and bring expected result.

Zuzana Mojžišová
Zuzana Mojžišová StormLevel

We have become acquainted with RM activities in 2015. Since then, we have participated in various events organized by RM, business missions, seminars, coaching sessions and we also received support with preparation of bid documents and finding project partners.

We really appreciate the practical approach RM applies. This is largely aimed at getting information from the source of IFIs that are potentially interesting for our consulting business. Through these contacts, we have been successfully involved in several assignments at the EBRD – these initial references helped us to expand our development business and to win additional consulting projects related to property & tourism sector in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

RM is able to facilitate contacts and relevant information which otherwise is complicated to retrieve. This is thanks to the expertise of the RM staff as they have a proven track record in working with the IFIs. Due to the pleasant cooperation with RM we’ve had the opportunity to work on very interesting consulting projects in Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Erik Heidema
Erik Heidema VVMZ

About development institutions

The Rozvojmajstri work together with international financial and donor institutions, where Slovakia is often a shareholder. These institutions provide various business opportunities for both suppliers and consultants.


The Council of Europe Development Bank is the only European multilateral development bank with an entirely social purpose.It participates in financing social projects and responds to emergency situations. The Bank is active in sectors such as social housing, environment, living conditions, public administration, health...The current tenders are available here.


The EBRD provides financing for well-structured projects of all sizes. The Bank works with private sector clients as well as with municipalities. The Bank focuses on regions such as Central Europe, Western Balkans, eastern Mediterranean countries, Central Asia. The core themes are resource efficiency, environment and regional development. Current procurement notices are available here.


The World Bank Group provides financial and technical assistance in developing countries in order to reduce poverty and support development. The Group brings expertise in altogether in 14 sectors. The top major sectors by contract volume were transportation, water/sanit/flood and energy&mining. The current opportunities can be found here.


UNDP helps countries to develop policies, partnering abilities and institutional capabilities to sustain development results.The institutions focuses on three main domains - sustainable development, democratic governance and peacebuilding, climate and disaster resilience. The current procurement notices are published here.


The International Investment Bank supports mainly small and medium-sized businesses and participates in financing socially significant infrastructure projects. The other priorities of the Bank are resource saving and energy efficiency projects, ecology and clean technologies and innovations. The list of current tenders is available here.


The European Union provides development instruments for enlargement and neighboring countries. The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) is the means by which the EU supports reforms in the 'enlargement countries' with financial and technical help. The IPA funds build up the capacities of the countries throughout the accession process, resulting in progressive, positive developments in the region. European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) is aimed at supporting political, economic and social reform processes in the EU neighboring countries. It aims to strengthen prosperity, stability, security, the market economy and sustainable growth through a continuous dialogue with each partner country.
The current opportunities can be found here.

Our partners

Slovak development business portfolio

Slovak Development Business Portfolio encompasses several Slovak companies that have cooperated with Rozvojmajstri.
Some of them have already succeeded in entering the global development marketplace or have been working towards this aim.

List of services

For suppliers

Main services are related to supporting suppliers in winning deals and projects financed by development institutions:

Identifying and analysing the client´s situation
Conducting market and competition analysis
Support in preparation and detailed review of the bids
Organizing business development trips
Mission to the client prior to tender publishing

Our current service list for suppliers can be here.

For consultancies

Main services are related to supporting consultancies in winning tenders announced by development institutions:

Making connections between business partners
Providing reviews on prepared materials
Support in preparation and detailed review of the bids
Review and editing of a CV and references
Supporting IFI mission business trips
Support in project management

Our current list for consultancies can be here.

Learn Online

One of the main tasks of Rozvojmajstri is to help companies to develop their capacities. In this context, a number of tools are used, e.g. targeted and tailor-made coaching sessions for a concrete company or companies operating in same field. For broader audiences, Rozvojmajstri are organizing trainings and networking events. If you were unable to attend Rozvojmajstri webinars, you can learn more from their recordings and presentations located below.

Business readiness checklist

3 stages to success in competing for tenders announced by development institutions

Below is a list of "standard" prerequisites that a company shall meet prior to succeeding in tendering processes set by development institutions. The goal of this checklist is to provide those companies that are not ready yet, with transparent information about what steps are needed for their success.

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